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A professional translator’s job is to take the source material or document he is working with and ensure that the overall tone and message is conveyed consistently from language a to language b. When the source material is highly technical, this process becomes much more complicated. It requires more than just a fluent translator, but also one that has an expert understanding of the industry or technology being discussed.

Thankfully… here at iTI our expansive network of linguists accompanied by our Terminology Management Process, developed with over 30 years of knowledge and experience in the industry, allows us to provide fluent and technically accurate translations for all your technical documents and highly specialized projects.

Technical Translation Services - List of technical documents that iTi translates

Terminology Management Process

Our Terminology Management Process (TMP) enables our team to effectively manage terminology for each client and produce high quality translations. The  process structure  includes the creation of four tools, specifically designed and unique for each client.  These are: Term Base (TB), Translation Memory (TM), Do-Not-Translate Lists (DNMT) and finally the creation of a Style Guide (SG). This benefits you, the client, through ensuring not only excellence and consistency in quality, but also quick turnaround times and reduced repetitive cost. It is a win-win for the client and our team.

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Network Of Linguists For Technical Document Translation

With our network of over 10,000 experienced linguists, spanning over 250 languages, we are confident that we can build the right technical translation team for your needs. Our network includes linguists with decades of experience translating technical manuals, scientific texts, legal documents, medical records, and many more documents with a high degree of technical sophistication. 

Some of the Industries we regularly produce high quality technical translations for include:


Engineering, Construction, & Architecture



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Scientific Translation

Technical Manual Translation

Scientific writing is often highly technical in nature and uses a variety of words and phrases that could easily be misinterpreted by a translator without years of industry experience. We will ensure your work and findings are translated by an industry specialized linguist with a scientific background. 

High quality technical manual translations are key to ensuring customer satisfaction for global manufacturers and corporations. In many cases a product is only as good as it’s instruction manual, don’t allow poor translations to damage your reputation.  

Proposal & Contract Translation

Training Materials and Video Translation

Make sure all parties involved in your contracts or proposals are certain of what they are signing with iTi’s Technical Translation Services. Any vagueness or ambiguity in the contract or proposal language can cause miscommunication and lack of trust.  

Translating your training materials and training videos is not as simple as a word for word translation. Guarantee an accurate understanding of your content and transfer of knowledge across any language with iTi.  

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified

iTi became ISO certified in 2015. Our Quality Management System ensures you receive consistent, accurate services and on time delivery each and every time. We monitor each translation project closely and log any causes for corrective action or continuous improvement. Likewise, all feedback from interpreting assignments are logged for either corrective action or continuous improvement.

iTi strives for 100% client satisfaction with every client. Our Quality Assurance practices have allowed us to monitor and manage all accounts. This proven Quality Assurance Plan is the key to our superior customer service.

iTi Guarantee

We are committed to providing the best quality language services possible to every single client. When you work with team iTi, you can expect personal service with a smile, rapid response time, and custom solutions to fit your organization’s needs. Give us a call today and discover the iTi difference for yourself!

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