What Is In Person Interpreting?

In person interpreting, otherwise known as face-to-face or on-site interpreting, is when a spoken language interpreter is scheduled to meet a client at any given location for an assignment. In person interpreter services facilitate communication between two parties who speak different languages.

Who Uses In Person Interpreters?

iTi’s in person interpreters work in a variety of industries and settings. From hospitals to multinational manufacturing, our on-site interpreters support businesses of all kinds every day.

Interpreter services are available to support you no matter where in the world your business ventures may take you.

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Why Are Interpreters Valuable?

Healthcare systems, government agencies, and legal communities across the nation rely on professional in person interpreters to communicate with non-English speaking communities. Interpreter services bridge the gap between culture and language to enable organizations to serve those in need properly.

Whether you are a healthcare practitioner, a lawyer, a social worker, or working on business development across borders, our in person interpreters are there to support you in all your goals.

  • Conferences
  • Courtrooms
  • Legal depositions
  • Medical appointments
  • Presentations
  • Public forums
  • School systems
  • Media
  • Marketing communications
  • Sales calls
  • HR meetings
  • ITI Terpii

What Are The Benefits Of Professional In-Person Interpreter Services?

We offer a variety of interpreter services such as over the phone interpreting and video remote interpreting. Remote interpreter options are invaluable, but there are many benefits to having a professional in-person interpreter in the room with you.

Consider a healthcare environment where sensitive information may be discussed. A language barrier can add to confusion and discomfort.








An in-person interpreter is suited to relay sensitive information between providers and patients since they are able to accurately read body language and cues between the two. Many patients report feeling more comfortable in the room and less isolated and alone when the interpreter is with them.

Professional interpreters continuously educate themselves on the industry in which they specialize and are trained in the art of seamlessly facilitating communication. They remain unbiased and can read body language and facial expressions to ensure everything is being properly conveyed and understood.

How Do I Schedule An In Person Interpreter?

Our request process is simple. We’re flexible; we can take your request any way. Give us a call, send us an email, or log in to our custom, secure portal to schedule your interpreter anytime, any day.

Need an in-person interpreter in a rush? No problem. Our professional interpreter coordinators are available around the clock every day for interpreter requests. They can assist with any questions you may have.

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iTi Guarantee

Quality Control Process

We proudly hold a number of quality certifications including ISO 9001:2015 and ASTM F-3130. ISO is an international standard that monitors quality management and continuous improvement. ASTM is a quality certification specific to the language services industry which evaluates the entirety of a business from financial to operational health

Our onboarding process through rigorous linguistic validation is strict and thorough.

  • All interpreters and translators sign confidentiality agreements and undergo comprehensive background checks so you can feel secure working with them through any type of discussion or meeting.
  • Interpreters and translators are monitored for quality, professionalism, timeliness, and more to ensure our clients receive the highest level of service.

We lead with integrity, adapt to challenges, and follow through with custom solutions. We have the capabilities of a large company with the flexibility of a small one and high standards of service excellence to provide the best language services around.

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