Taking Telehealth and Telemedicine to the Next Level

iTi’s telehealth and telemedicine services are the ideal solution for healthcare providers to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) by allowing doctors and physician assistants to see patients remotely. As with all the services we provide, privacy and security are a top priority so you can rest assured that our telehealth platform is fully HIPAA compliant.

By conducting appointments remotely, you will be able to provide access to your patients to the best possible care in seconds. Virtual care serves a key role in combating coronavirus (COVID-19) and by utilizing our telehealth solution you will reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure to healthcare providers, allow flexibility for medical staff and patients, and increase the number of patients seen remotely to 20-30 patients per provider per hour.

One of our healthcare partners rapidly deployed the platform across 25 points of care and within 10 days they reported 3,500 minutes of consults and 2,000 patients virtually triaged.

Operational efficiency across every point of patient access is critical. Avoid crowded ERs and backlogs with iTi’s telemedicine platform and you also gain seamless access to our highly experienced and professional medical interpreters 24/7.

Scheduling Made Easy

  • Appointments can be scheduled by text or email
  • Easy to maintain scheduling calendar with one-click link generation
  • Appointments can be prescheduled by a call center
  • At-home visits can be scheduled remotely as well
Telehealth and telemedicine translation services -Female doctor using laptop for telehealth appointment with x-ray patient
Telehealth and telemedicine translation services - Schedule on computer showing telehealth appointments

Telehealth benefits both the patients and providers

  • No software downloads or installs required of patients using telehealth
  • Easy to add another expert or specialist on the call
  • Printable PDF notes to include in the patient’s record
  • Industry-leading security and privacy (no recording)
  • Interpreting available 24/7

A Platform for Today and Tomorrow

In addition to high-risk coronavirus COVID-19 patients needing to schedule appointments with primary care providers and/or specialists, iTi’s telehealth and telemedicine platform is perfect for all different types of appointments such as dietician consults, oncology visits, allergies, primary care, and much more! This is a long-lasting solution that will benefit your organization for years to come.

Telehealth doctor using laptop with headset - Telehealth and Telemedicine Translation Services

The benefits of implementing our full telehealth solution includes:


  • Fast & Seamless onboarding and integration into your current workflows
  • Reasonable SAAS license fee
  • No special hardware requirements
  • Interpreting (including ASL) available 24/7
  • Real-time reporting
  • Industry leading security and privacy standards
  • The platform and message can be visually customized to fit your brand.
  • High-touch service by iTi
  • Unlimited scalability

If you have been looking for a telemedicine/telehealth solution, iTi is the strategic partner you want in your corner. We are local, hands on, and ready to support you in establishing your own on-demand virtual care solution in record time.

Contact us today to discuss an expedited on-boarding and implementation plan.

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