iTi’s commitment to the language industry is apparent through the variety of organizations we belong to both as members and supporters in order to bring transparency to the industry itself. Beyond the advancement of the language industry, iTi is committed to supporting small minority businesses locally and nationwide. iTi’s founder and current leadership understands the hardships that small minority businesses face when starting up which is why we are proud to be a founding member of The Supply Change Alliance (SCA). The SCA is a philanthropic initiative that provides valuable, cost-saving services to minority business owners with the goal of helping them realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

Learn more about the Supply Change Alliance and how to apply for a grant.

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Additionally, iTi has been a long-standing member and supporter of the following organizations. We believe in staying on top of global trends and diversity and strive to innovate to propel the language industry forward. These organizations exist for a variety of reasons and we are extremely honored to play our part in moving them forward!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about any of the movements taking place.

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