Social services interpreting

Social services interpreting is the bedrock of a community. Social services interpreters help social workers improve the lives of children and families who have Limited English Proficiency and are deaf and/or hard-of-hearing. In-person social services interpreting allows for the crucial non-verbal element of communication. Social workers often deal with complex cases, where a miscommunication could negatively affect an outcome. With iTi’s social services interpreting, agencies ensure everyone has the information to make the best decision possible.

Who needs social services interpreting?

The 25 million Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals over the age of 5 can benefit from social services interpreting, as well as the 11 million deaf/hard of hearing people in the U.S. Individuals and/or families with children or parents who are deaf and/or hard-of-hearing or have Limited English Proficiency use social services interpreting to address pressing issues in their daily lives. This could include custody cases, foster care placements, mental wellness, and cases regarding the safety and wellness of children. Social services interpreting enables all clients to openly convey their problems to their social workers without any confusion.

Family with kids social services interpreting

Benefits of social services interpreting

iTi’s social services interpreting is a complete experience, sure to cater to all your communication needs. In social services, understanding the context and relaying the information accordingly is of premium importance. Our social interpreters are trained to read physical cues, which helps them relay sensitive information accurately between social services providers and clients. Furthermore, having an in-person interpreter, rather than a remote interpreter, makes the experience more personal and comfortable for everyone involved.

How do I schedule a social services interpreter?

The process of requesting social services interpreting is easy. You can book social service interpreting professionals via phone, email, or by logging into our secure portal to schedule an appointment for any time of day. Our coordinators are available around the clock to cater to all your requests and address any queries that might arise.