Will Marketing In Multiple Languages Increase My Revenue?

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The Power of Multilingual Marketing

In today’s global marketplace, the question isn’t whether marketing in multiple languages can increase your revenue—it’s how much. With the right strategy, the impact of multilingual marketing on your bottom line can be profound. This concept isn’t new, but its importance is growing in the digital age where borders are less of a barrier to business.

A standout example is Disney’s approach to its blockbuster hit, “Frozen,” which showcased the undeniable benefits of marketing translation and multilingual content.

The Success Story of “Frozen”: A Lesson in Multilingual Marketing

Disney’s “Frozen” achieved worldwide acclaim and over $1 billion in revenue, partly due to its multilingual strategy. The film’s iconic song, “Let It Go,” was performed in 25 languages, while the film itself was translated into 42 languages. This approach not only broadened the movie’s appeal but also demonstrated Disney’s commitment to cultural sensitivity and accessibility.

The Advantages of Marketing Translation

  • Building Trust in New Markets. Marketing your products or services in multiple languages can significantly increase trust among consumers in international markets. Translation shows that you value your customers’ comfort and safety, making them more likely to engage with your brand.
  • Demonstrating Cultural Sensitivity. Effective multilingual marketing is more than just translation, it is also localization — making your message local in character for each target location. Localizing your marketing messages demonstrates a deep respect and understanding of different cultures. It helps overcome barriers in your target markets, encouraging communication and interest in your offerings from a wider audience.
  • Standing Out from the Competition. When you embrace multiple languages, you distinguish your business from competitors who haven’t yet adopted this strategy. It signals that your brand is more global and market-savvy.
  • Enhancing Global Presence. By marketing in various languages, your business steps onto the global stage, attracting more website visitors and establishing a more international corporate image.
  • Boosting Word-of-Mouth Marketing. Multilingual marketing exposes your brand to a broader audience, increasing the likelihood of word-of-mouth promotion in new markets.


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Marketing Well in Each Language: A Crucial Consideration

While the benefits are clear, the path to effective multilingual marketing requires careful navigation of the cultural nuances of local audiences. Translation mishaps can significantly damage your brand’s image and effectiveness. For example, Nike’s experience with the “Nike Air” running shoes underscores the importance of cultural sensitivity and accurate translation.

Years ago, Nike made a costly error when the company used flames to depict the word “Air” as the logo on their “Nike Air” running shoes. Unfortunately for Nike, this symbol looked very similar to the Arabic word for “Allah.” Soon after its launch, the Council on American Islamic Relations released statements condemning the shoe. Nike had to remove thousands of pairs of shoes from the marketplace, as well as work hard to repair the damaged relationship with alienated Muslim customers.

Best Practices for Multilingual Marketing Success

  • Start Slowly: Approach new markets cautiously, ensuring your marketing materials are as comprehensive in the new language as they are in the original.
  • Engage Experts: Work with native speakers and cultural experts to validate your content and marketing strategies.
  • Test and Adapt: Continuously test your marketing approaches and be ready to adapt based on feedback from the target audience.
  • Value Addition: Ensure that your efforts in new languages are seen as adding value, not just as a means to increase revenue.

In conclusion, the potential of marketing in multiple languages to boost revenue is undeniable. By following best practices and learning from successful case studies like Disney’s “Frozen,” businesses can effectively navigate the challenges of multilingual marketing and unlock new opportunities for growth and engagement.

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