Why You Should Translate Your Businesses’ Website

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Translating your website is a worthwhile investment, if you want to expand your reach overseas. When you make your web content available in multiple languages, you can substantially extend your global presence.

According to a report by The European Commission, “90% of Europeans always visit a website in their own language when they are given a choice. And 42% of them said they never buy products or services if the information is not available in their mother tongue.” Website localization is a cost-efficient method for opening up new markets, and it’s almost becoming mandatory if you want your business to grow internationally. In this post, we will discuss several benefits of translating your businesses’ website.

Broaden The Market For Your Service Or Product

If you want to expand your reach, you have to introduce your brand to new markets. Over the past ten years, people have changed the way they interact with products, businesses and services, shifting their attention to the Internet. So, it’s important to have a website that caters to as many people as possible (without diluting your messaging, of course). Professional website translation allows your site to message to markets with new potential customers that you couldn’t have reached otherwise


Improved Search Engine Visibility

When you have another version of your site in a foreign language, you can increase your web presence, your backlinks, and improve your keywords, all of which leads to improved rankings in Google. Translating your website increases your search visibility because you are essentially increasing your audience by the amount of people who speak that new language. Also, it’s important to note that even if you live in a country where English proficiency is widespread, immigrants may have a preference for content in their first language.


You’re In A Global Industry

Certain industries are rife with strong regional regulations, which companies need to comply with. Many of these regulations make it necessary to provide information about your product or service in the local language. The manufacturing industry is a good example In fact, heavy competition in the global manufacturing sector has altered production processes, leading to a more modernized and automated process, bringing with it shorter product life cycles and increasingly rapid technological advances. Of course, this rising growth of production has increased content volumes to support new products on a global scale; therefore, manufacturers must be able to provide localized content at a quicker pace.

Improve Brand Image

While web content accessible in foreign languages is a practical benefit for searchers in foreign markers, it can also help to boost their perception of your brand. Users will appreciate the effort you have put towards creating web content available in their language. On top of that, this is a fairly recent trend, so you may be a step ahead of your competitors if you opt to translate your site’s most important content.


iTi | CT Translation Services

While it is important to translate your businesses’ website, you want to make sure that you present a professional experience. The best way to avoid embarrassing gaffes and obfuscated messages is to contact a professional translation service company that works with native speakers of the language you plan to target. Choosing the correct words for the right message while still remaining faithful to your core values is a delicate art and as many international companies have learned, one misstep can be quite costly. Contacting us from the start will save you time and money in the long run.




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