Why Professional Translators Are More Beneficial Than Google Translate

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Some content is easier to translate than other specialized documentation. Technical documents can be difficult to explain but now you need to translate those documents in another language. These documents are important to your business and vital for the people needing the information to understand what has been provided. Professional translation services provide the appropriate translator that can most effectively give your business the highest quality needed for detailed technical translation.

This article will describe how professional translation services are more beneficial to your business than automated computer programs.

The Human Touch

Computers are designed to translate the words entered but don’t understand that every language is unique and uses  different figures of speech and metaphors to express meaning. Those elements don’t translate through machines like they would from a professional translator that understands the language’s nuances. All languages put words in their own specific order but ultimately, try to say the same thing. Also, word order affects the meaning in several languages. Computers don’t understand languages but rather the text is inputted, where automated systems are used to relay the information as effectively as possible. People understand people and are able to read facial expressions, body language and understand their preferences and level of understanding. Professional translating services are able to understand what may be acceptable in one culture and what may be offensive in another. They are able to work with clients in order to choose the best fit words for the target audience. All in all, whether technical documents or marketing brochures, they require the skills and understanding that comes from a professional human translator with knowledge of the industry as well as the fluency of the specific language. Highly skilled and qualified translators are used to avoid how bad translations can damage their brand and business.


Google Translate

Google Translate and similar public domain machine translations can’t think for themselves and don’t understand the nuances of language and so often get it wrong. Sometimes a business may feel as though if they use an automated service that they can save money and still get translation services. However, that can be deemed as culturally insensitive especially if the information was translated to a culture incorrectly or not reviewed by a professional translator.  Using something like Google Translate alone may tarnish the reputation of your business and make it more difficult to be seen as a brand that can work internationally.

iTi | Connecticut Translation Company

iTi’s dedicated and experienced teams offer a wide range of multilingual solutions for domestic and global corporations in a variety of industries. With our expansive resources, you can take advantage of communication services on a global scale, creating, managing, and distributing your content in any format. You are welcome to contact us to request a quote for your language translation project or check out the downloadable checklist below to get started with translation services you need.



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