Which Situations Require Legal Interpreting Services?

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If you’re working for a business or law firm that often has to deal with courts, lawyers, and government institutions, there will likely come a time when you need legal interpreting services. There are certain legal and linguist necessities to keep in mind, no matter which language you or your business partners speak or have to deal with on a regular basis.

In this post we will take a brief look at four typical situations that may require legal interpreting services—and a court qualified interpreter.

First, Why Are Qualified Interpreters Necessary?

Highly qualified interpreters are needed to work in legal settings—particularly in court and law enforcement proceedings where matters involving high-risk and personal freedoms are often the focus. Qualified courtroom interpreters are prepared to behave with a professional demeanor from the first instance they walk into a courtroom or law office. They are well versed in a strict code of ethics to ensure that they don’t overstep boundaries at any point in time during their work.


When a lawyer must record an official statement but can’t speak the language of the person who is being deposed, an interpreter must be present to bridge the language gap. His or her job is to make sure that the exchange of information is taking place in a fair and accurate manner. The interpreter’s physical presence helps to reassure the deponent that his or her limited English proficiency will not put him or her at any disadvantage.

During the deposition, a professional interpreter will be able to pick up on non-verbal cues, helping to create a more accurate interpretation of the deponent’s words. Working with an interpreter is more involved than finding someone who speaks the language you need.

Negotiations & Interviews

When there are legal debates over property, assets or contracts, you want to make sure that you get it right every time. We understand that interpreting for legal contract disputes is a time-sensitive issue, and we are well equipped to work within specific time frames. Regardless if you’re working with consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, or over-the-phone interpreting, the job of legal interpreting services is to facilitate communication during interviews and negotiations.

Court Hearings & Legal Trials

Everyone involved in a legal trial or court hearing must have an official voice. Someone can’t be heard or express their view unless their language can be interpreted for all involved parties to understand. For many civil cases, the person who requires the interpreter must hire and pay for his or her own interpreter; however, in some cases, there are courts that are able to provide interpreters at no cost. Hiring a qualified interpreter is essential as errors can create a litany of new problems.

Meetings Between Attorney & Clients

If you or a client runs into a situation where there is a necessary meeting with an attorney, but all parties do not share a mutual language, a legal interpreter is essential. He or she will make sure that communication takes place in a quick and efficient manner.

Legal situations do not leave much room for error, and the stakes are often too high to skimp on a qualified interpreter. If you have any concerns about receiving quality service, check out our post, “4 Mistakes to Avoid When Requesting Interpreting Services.

iTi | Legal & Courtroom Interpreting Services

iTi’s interpreting services make it easy for a qualified court interpreter to be on-site at your office, or conferenced into a phone call. During a legal proceeding, our qualified interpreters can help you to communicate with clients who are not fluent in English. Access to a professional court interpreter can also prevent legal appeals on the basis of denial of access to justice due to language barriers. Contact us to request a quote.


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