Vietnamese Translator Spotlight: Phuoc Pham

Welcome to our Translator Spotlight series! We look forward to sharing with you the real people behind the computer screen, the translators who put in knowledge, expertise and care into making every translation spot on. Each month we will feature a Q & A with one translator who has stood out for going above and beyond. This month our interview is with Vietnamese translator, Phuoc Pham.

Vietnamese Translator Phuoc Pham

Please describe your cultural background:

I am Vietnamese, and Vietnamese is my mother tongue. I was born and raised in South Vietnam, I am a freelance translator, and my working language pair is English – Vietnamese. I currently live and work in Saigon, Vietnam.

Why did you become a translator?

I like the translation industry. It allows me to work in multi-cultural communication every day, and through translation projects, I connect with many different people all over the world.

How has your experience as a teacher/tutor benefited you as a translator?

As an English teacher / tutor for local students, I had to study materials and create lesson plans before going to class, which helped me to expand my knowledge of English language.

Boats in a river in Vietnam

How do you continue your learning as a translator?

As a translator, I always study English and Vietnamese materials for up-to-date and general knowledge, which helps me gain more experience when working on various translation projects.

What is something you have translated that you are proud of?

I am very proud that through my work as a translator, I’m able to use language as a bridge to connect people.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a translator?

The biggest challenge I have always faced is the difference in time zones – the customer’s working hours are my bedtime and vice versa.

Boats rowing through a tropical river in Vietnam

What is a typical day in the life of a translator look like?

Translators can adjust the working time according to their own discretion. In general, for me, it is very interesting, peaceful, and quiet.

Describe your workflow as you translate documents.

Generally, my process is as follows:

– Carefully read the project manager’s instructions.
– Read through the original document to understand what the document is about.
– Learn keywords, search terms on websites, if any terms are difficult to understand, ask the project manager to explain.
– Start translating.
– Final check before handing over the translation to the customer.

What’s your favorite cultural dish?

I like “Qung noodles”.

Photo credits: Phuoc Pham

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