The Definitive Guide to CART Services

Cart interpreter doing real-time captions while deaf person watches

The Importance of CART Services for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing

CART Captioning Services, an acronym for Communication Access Realtime, is a popular and recognized method of providing accommodations to people who are deaf, hard of hearing or have a hearing loss. It is a live captioning service that provides instantaneous translations of spoken English into written texts that can be viewed on a computer monitor or mobile device, or projected onto a screen.

How CART Services Work

These services are provided using a state-of-the-art stenotype machine, similar to what court reporters use. It is connected to a computer running specialized real-time software that produces captions as the event unfolds. The written text is then projected onto a screen or displayed on an individual’s computer or mobile device. CART captions are often combined with video presentations and other audio-visual media to enhance access and comprehension.

The Benefits of CART Services

The benefits of using CART Services are numerous. For starters, word-for-word captions are produced in real time and help provide instant access, making it easier for individuals to take part in events, lectures, classes, and meetings. It allows them to fully comprehend the spoken word, even if they are in noisy environments or have difficulty with spoken English.

Versatility of CART Services

Another advantage of CART Services is its ability to produce captions for events that do not have written scripts. As such, CART Services are used for a wide range of programs such as conferences, news programs, online training seminars, and many more.

CART Services for Remote Accessibility

CART Services offer a distinct advantage for people who work from home or are off-site as they can view live captions of events on their computer, laptop, or mobile device. This provides them with an equal opportunity to access the same information and knowledge as their peers.

Legal Requirements and CART Services

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires companies to provide “reasonable accommodations” for employees who are deaf or hard of hearing. Similarly, many states have laws that require other organizations to provide similar accommodations. CART services are a recognized method of fulfilling these legal requirements. CART captioning services are usually provided by expert CART providers, who are highly trained professionals with the requisite skills and experience to provide quality and accurate captioning services.

Expert CART Captioning Services at iTi

At iTi, we offer Expert CART Captioning Services for all kinds of assignments. From meetings and lectures to online conferences, our professional, highly experienced CART providers are qualified to take on any assignment regardless of its complexity. Our services are accurate, reliable, and delivered on time to ensure maximum satisfaction.

CART Captioning Services are an essential tool for providing communication access to millions of people who have a hearing loss or are deaf or hard of hearing. With the onset of remote communication and the shift from in-person events to virtual ones, CART Services have become even more critical in ensuring that everyone has access to the same information and knowledge. At iTi, we are committed to providing expert CART captioning services for all your captioning needs.

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