Terpii Travels: Westeros

Hi friends! Today I have a very special Terpii adventure to share with you. I had to hop across many lands, worlds, and maybe even a digital dimension or two to get here but it was all worth it! I knew I had to get here this month in time for all the action…can you guess where I am?!

I’ll give you a few hints:

  • It’s bordered by the Sunset Sea to the west and by the Narrow Sea to the east…
  • It is home to a variety of climates, geographical settings, and seven kingdoms…
  • There is a wall there that rivals the Great Wall of China in grandeur…
  • There are many languages to translate here, including Dothraki…

Can you guess?!

Terpii travels to Westeros. Beautiful castle on an island in the ocean

I’m in Westeros! For you Game of Thrones (GOT) fans out there, I don’t need to explain further. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Westeros is a continent in GOT, and one of four in the GOT known world.  It is comprised of a political entity known as the Seven Kingdoms and is separated from the continent’s most northern portion by a giant icy wall. On the other side of the wall lies an artic land where evil currently dwells[1]!

Westeros is comprised of many very different and beautiful places. I’ve always dreamed of visiting Westeros but once I had arrived I couldn’t decide where to start first! I knew I had to meet up with Missandei to practice my translation but there was also a little time for me to be a tourist, right?

First stop: The Iron Throne of course! The Iron Throne is a throne made of a thousand swords which were won by an ancient conqueror and welded together with the fire from his dragon. Normally only a monarch or their right hand advisor can sit on The Iron Throne but I knew I was small enough that I could sneak past security to take a selfie. Worst case scenario, I can speak their language and convince them I’m a magic frog from the future, right?!

Iron throne from game of thrones

After a successful selfie atop the Iron Throne, I headed to the capital of The North, Winterfell. Winterfell’s castle is built around a dense forest and is heated by hot springs! Some of my favorite GOT history has happened in Winterfell and I was excited to practice some of my GOT language skills with Missandei who was currently in town! Missandei is a translator who speaks 19 languages[2], including her favorite, High Valyrian. I met her for dinner in the castle, where she was eating with Grey Worm and speaking in Valyrian.

“People keep staring at me,” said Grey Worm. “You?” I asked, also in Valyrian, “how do you think I feel? I’m a talking frog!” Everyone laughed. “As true as that may be,” said Missandei, “those from The North are not accustomed to outsiders. We must do our best to blend in and show them we only have the best of intentions. We are all be on the same side.”

Remembering that Missandei had once corrected Queen Daenerys’ Dothraki, I decided to see if I was any better as a non-native speaker. “When you speak with people here, are they surprised that you have their accent?” I asked in Dothraki. Missandei looked at me in surprise. “Well, I knew you were talented but that is perfect Dothraki!” I hopped up and down in excitement. “You have no idea how much that means to me coming from you!” I smiled.

Missandei smiled, “I’m happy you have come to help me translate. I wasn’t sure at first but you have passed the test. What other languages from our land do you know?” she asked. “Well, I was really hoping to practice High Valyrian since that is your favorite,” I chirped. “We can practice whenever you like. However, the reason I called you here is because I was wondering if you know any Skroth? I don’t know this language.”

I gulped. “The language of the White Walkers?” She nodded, “I need you to travel with Jon Snow when he moves in the direction of the wall. Eventually we will have to face them. Speaking their language may help.” I nodded and opened my mouth to say something in Skroth. Everyone looked at me wide-eyed. Missandei smiled and nodded. “It does indeed sound like the cracking of ice…Terpii, I’m so glad you are here. You just might save us all.” I looked down at the silly selfie I had taken earlier on The Iron Throne. How simple things seemed then… “When do we head out?” I asked. Missandei smiled.

Stay tuned Terpii friends, grand adventures to come!


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