New Jersey’s Landmark Language Access Law: A Leap Forward for Inclusivity

In an era where the demand for inclusivity and accessibility is ever-increasing, the state of New Jersey has taken a significant step forward with the passage of a groundbreaking bill, New Jersey capitol building with picture of bill.

This legislation mandates state agencies providing direct services to offer translation and interpretation in the seven most common non-English languages spoken by the state’s residents. As of now, these languages include Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, Korean, Gujarathi, and Portuguese.

This move not only exemplifies New Jersey’s commitment to serving its diverse population but also sets a precedent for other states to follow.

The Essence of Bill S2459/A3837: Why it Matters

For countless non-English speaking residents, accessing state services has been a hurdle, often leading to a gap in the utilization of vital resources. The enactment of bill S2459/A3837 bridges this gap by ensuring that language is no longer a barrier to accessing state services. This is a monumental step towards inclusivity, ensuring that all residents, regardless of their language proficiency, have equal access to state resources.

A Comparative Look: Language Access Laws in Other States

New Jersey’s initiative is not in isolation. Several other states have recognized the importance of language access and have enacted or are considering similar legislation.

States like California and New York have long been pioneers in language access laws, providing services in multiple languages to cater to their diverse populations. These states have set benchmarks in ensuring that language barriers do not impede access to state services.

The trend towards greater language inclusivity is gaining momentum, with states like Illinois and Texas considering legislation that mirrors New Jersey’s efforts. This growing awareness highlights a nationwide shift towards recognizing and addressing the linguistic diversity of the United States.

The iTi Advantage: Our Commitment to ExcellenceTranslation team

New Jersey is one of the states for which iTi has been awarded a contract, making us an authorized provider of the services mandated by this new law. Our skilled professionals are proficient in the seven most common languages in New Jersey – along with more than 250 others – ensuring that state agencies can communicate effectively with all residents.

At iTi, we are committed to providing best-in class translation services, underpinned by our vast experience and a deep understanding of the cultural nuances inherent in each language. Our services are not just about translating words; they are about bridging cultures and fostering understanding in a diverse society.

Partner with iTi for Your Language Service Needs

Whether you are a state agency looking to comply with the new law or a business seeking to enhance your language access capabilities, iTi is your partner of choice. With over 10,000 contracted linguists providing a full suite of language solutions, are fully equipped to meet the growing demand for professional interpreting and translation services in New Jersey and beyond.

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Interpreters and Translators, Inc. is a full-service language solutions company based in Glastonbury, Connecticut. iTi has a New Jersey state contract, and is an NMSDC-certified minority owned business.


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