[Infographic] Human Translator Vs. Machine Translation

It wasn’t that long ago when we thought machine translation to be impossible. But now, with the advent of Google Translate and other machine translation options, we are living in a time where science fiction has become reality. This inevitably leads to a pressing question, “who wins: machine or human.” The folks over at Verbalink set out to find the answer. The infographic below, divided into two rounds, assesses the translation skills of a professional human translator vs. “state of the art” machine translation by Google.

machine translation vs human translation infographicYou can also find more infographics at Visualistan.

While it seems apparent that machine translators are useful for basic translations, professional human translators are experts of their crafts. Human translators possess a great deal of cultural insight, and they are better editors who have the ability to shape and work on a piece until it is ready for public consumption, guaranteeing a close match to the original document. Even the most skilled machine translation software is not capable of this yet.

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