How To Maximize The Value Of Content Through Translation Services

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The popularity of content marketing has exploded over the past several years. One of the main reasons it has gained so much traction is simple, it is extremely effective! It’s relatively easy to implement a content marketing strategy and it is accessible to businesses of all sizes and industries. Even industries such as manufacturing who traditionally have not utilized the typical marketing strategies are hopping on the content train and finding success in their niche market. The 2017 Manufacturing Content Marketing Trends published by Content Marketing Institute (CMI) reports that 85% of manufacturing marketers are using content marketing.

Percentage of manufacturing marketers using content marketing. 15% answer no, 85% answer yesPhoto Source:Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Gaining Traction with Manufacturing Marketers

Content marketing, in theory, is relatively simple. The ability to execute is what sets brands apart and producing valuable content on an ongoing basis can be time consuming. Many brands struggle to produce content consistently and fall behind in their efforts.  CMI is an organization dedicated to advancing the practice of content marketing and they recently published an article titled “Manufacturing Marketers See Content Marketing Breakthrough [Research]”.

In the research, they found that 82% of marketing manufacturers say increased success is because they can produce higher quality content in a more efficient way. They also site the following as keys to success:

  • Documenting their content marketing strategies

  • Making content marketing a greater priority

  • Growing in their content marketing maturity

Through a couple quick Google searches, we easily found two companies who are doing a great job with their content marketing. After all, the point of content marketing is being found on search engines, right? Well, we found Toyota-Lift of Minnesota and Cerasis pretty easily. They both have nice blogs and they are updated frequently. Check them out if you need some inspiration! Success with content marketing takes time, there is no shortcut that won’t be punished by Google. Manufacturers have come a long way since CMI first started surveying them and they still have much room to grow, learn, and improve.

Maximize the Value of Content

Inevitably, most content marketers will at some point hit a wall and struggle to produce that next piece of content. With so many manufacturing marketers growing in their content marketing maturity, they surely have a nice library of content already. When writer’s block hits, look at the content you have already produced. Take note of what performed well and repurpose! Turn it into a slide share, share it with industry associations, promote it again in a slightly different way than before, the options are endless.

Another way to repurpose the well-performing content is to utilize translation services. There are massive opportunities for manufacturers outside of the U.S. What better way to target those markets than attracting them to you in their native tongue? Many companies translate their websites yet never optimize them for the target language or translate their dynamic content such as a blog. (Reference: Taking Your Website Global Through Localization) If you make the investment in translation services and are serious about growth, take the next step and offer your content in multiple languages. If you become one of the very few companies who are targeting foreign markets in this way, you will absolutely have a competitive edge over your competition.


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