Critical Times When Your Business Needs Translation Services

Not every business needs translation services but many do. How can you tell if document translation services would help your bottom line? Here are eight rather critical situations when translation services could help your business grow and thrive.

critical times when your business needs translation services

Your markets cross country or cultural borders.

Even if your products or services mainly serve a few cities in one country, know that we all now live in a world where most major cities are global communities with many cultural and language preferences. In New York City, for example, you’re likely to attract clients that speak Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Hindi, Urdu, and Arabic, to name a few.  Many U.S. companies offer their website content in multiple languages. Are you missing valuable leads by offering your website in only one?

How to get started with website translation

You want to maximize your business’s growth.

Where do you see your business in five or ten years?  Consider your goals. If you dream big and see your business growing exponentially that growth can be aided by appealing to groups of people who speak different languages. Securing translation services before this growth takes place may maximum your growth.

You’re in the medical, financing, or banking field.

Translation services and interpretation are a huge help at hospitals, medical centers, and in other health care situations. Often they are a legal requirement. Just imagine trying to read your medical record or prescription in a language you’re not completely fluent in.  Pharmaceutical companies that want to expand business internationally find translation services quite helpful. Financial companies and banking institutions that cross country borders use translation services to make their communication clear and effective. Financial documents require accurate translation.

Language services options for healthcare providers

Your product or service is designed for one or more minorities.

Some businesses, products, and services appeal to certain minorities.  An obvious example is a business that sells foreign DVDs in Spanish, French, or another language. Another example is if you offer services to recent immigrants. If a minority you serve has a different native language than your communications you have a major barrier to success.

You’re in the travel or tourism business

Companies in the travel and tourism business sector have seen a rise in revenues through their use of translation services. They translate their travel documents, leaflets, brochures, videos, and terms and condition documents into many languages to offer exceptional services to their foreign customers. To serve a truly international customer base, content must be translated into multiple language pairs.

Also, when making a big purchase (for example, airline tickets) customers often consult user reviews on traveling platforms like Lonely Planet or Trip Advisor. Those reviews can be a huge boost for businesses but today they usually remain in only the language used by the reviewer. This reduces the number of potential customers who might read the review and buy a service.

You provide information or technology to global companies

Information technology, social media, digital marketing, and news outlets on the internet often cater to companies and people that span the globe. Translation services are particularly helpful with technical documents. Technology, marketing, and other businesses that speak to employees, customers, and prospects in several languages can avoid miscommunication and demonstrate respect for the culture, country, and background of all their audiences.

Successfully prepare for your translation projects

Your market research tells you so.

Don’t secure translation services until you conduct specific market research about your target markets and about how you plan to grow. Consider making a list of countries you want to target. Don’t assume that if you want to enter markets in France that you only need to translate your communications into French. Research which languages are spoken in each market and country you’re targeting. Have all your materials translated into the appropriate languages. If you have a100 documents in Japanese but only 20 in Spanish you’re telegraphing to the Spanish market that they are not as important to you as the Japanese market.

You provide legal or governmental services

If you’re a legal practice working with a global client and want to understand the proposal or any other legal information in your local language, you can benefit from translation services. Or if your legal practice serves a clientele that speaks several languages you must provide interpretation and translation services. The same is true in government. To serve the public well government agencies and programs offer materials in the native language of the people that government serves.

How to ensure the highest quality legal translation

Your business sells or markets online.

Website localization will boost your online visibility.  People shop online more than ever before. In China, the U.S., and other countries online sales are now higher than sales from traditional brick and mortar outlets. E-commerce is also shifting towards a mobile browsing platform as new mobile apps allow customers to easily browse and chat with businesses from their phone, tablet, or other mobile device.

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