Challenges Associated With Translating Manufacturing Websites

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Leaders who work in the global manufacturing sector are already subjected to a litany of changes to the industry. On top of that, there is rising production growth, leading to increasing content volumes in a growing number of languages, in order to meet the needs of multilingual prospects. So, what does this mean for manufacturing website translation projects?

Partially, it suggests a greater emphasis on superior-quality translations. Simply put, if you’re a manufacturer with complex products, you can only compete in the global marketplace with fast, accurate and reliable translations. Those translations must be localized and must be in strict compliance with your industry’s standards.It can be difficult for manufacturing companies to construct a strong website in their own language, let alone a foreign language. So, we thought it would be useful to address a few of the largest challenges associated with translating manufacturing websites.

Translating Industry Specific Terminology

There are certain instances where the material is so new or technical enough that a direct translation doesn’t exist. This scenario doesn’t baffle translation agencies or their translators, though. Typically, when new words are used there is a process in place for determining whether to leave the word in its original language, to translate it as a descriptor, or to come up with a new word. But no decision is left to chance. Throughout the translation process, terminology is discussed between translation project manager and client so that the client always has the final say in how new or challenging words are translated.

Translated Website Material Must Solve User Problems

Consider this: users typically come to a manufacturing website because they have a technical issue they need help solving—either they need to buy an item or commission a service. Therefore, it is essential that information about your products and services is properly translated so that you can reach these visitors. Users will want to see proof of product superiority through translated data and specification sheets. So, it is important to work with a translation vendor that has specialized experience with translating manufacturing documents, as well as web sites. Manufacturing buyers also desire the ability to search by product number or feature, so it is important that your search tool is set up to accommodate translated material is well. You want the buyer to receive exactly what he or she is looking for.

Neglecting Basic SEO

Don’t neglect to factor in the importance of SEO and keyword research for your text, and don’t forget that the proper keywords will vary from country to country. Take the time and necessary effort to conduct adequate keyword research in order to ensure that you are driving qualified traffic to your site. You will need the appropriate title tags for each page, especially the pages that contain your best products or services.

Opting To Use Google Translate For SEO

Publishing content from online translation services like Google Translate will negatively impact your SEO efforts. Translations completed by services like Google Translate often swap words around and typically don’t follow proper sentence structure, leading the search engines to view the content as poor, which will lead to a low website rank. Alternatively, poor content could be flagged as spam, which means that your hard work won’t show up at all. Therefore, if a user is searching for a product or service similar to what your business offers, your website may not show up, negating all of your efforts in targeting the specific country/demographic. Learn more about SEO translation.

iTi | Manufacturing Translation Services

As critical as translation services are, many companies have overlooked or underestimated their importance. Clear and accurate translations are a tried and tested method for improving customer service and production quality. Don’t skimp in this area. Don’t rely on your own in-house personnel to translate key documents, and don’t spread your efforts too thinly across the globe. Download our FREE guide on translation services for manufacturing companies for more information.



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