8 Statistics On Why You Should Translate Your Website [Infographic]

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So your company has reached a point where you’re considering acting on ambitions in new horizons, fantastic!

Expanding your business to international markets means higher global visibility and more potential customers.

But without key information on regional languages and local markets, advertising in new regions can seem more of a gamble than investment.

Here is a collection of vital stats that every marketer should take into account. If you haven’t considered website localization to boost your global strategy, then now is the time to get on board!

infographic, should I translate my website?

Interpreters & Translators, Inc. (iTi) provides multicultural language solutions. iTi offers translation and localization services in over 150 languages and has been in the industry for 30 years giving them a unique and experienced eye for global marketing strategies. Want to learn more? Contact us today!



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