5 Continuing Education Resources to Advance Your Interpreter Career

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Are you looking for an interpreter training program to help take your career to the next level?

Choosing a specialty can help to accelerate your interpreter career. The more skilled you become in one facet of interpreting, the more demand you will generate.

Sample interpreter career paths include:

  •  Court interpreter
  •  Medical interpreter
  •  Conference interpreter
  •  Community interpreter

If you are looking for interpreter training programs to help develop your skills and propel your career forward or have already chosen a specialty and need Continuing Education (CE) credit for a certification, continue reading because we have sourced several options for you to consider!

Interpreter Training Programs

1. Interpreter Education Online

Interpreter Education Online is a fantastic resource for a variety of interpreter training’s including those for:

  •  Court interpreters
  •  Medical interpreters
  •  ASL interpreters

These courses are approved for CE credit by various states and organizations. If you are looking for online training you can complete at your own pace to brush up on specific skills to maintain state or national certifications, this is a great option!

2. Cross Cultural Communications

Cross Cultural Communications (CCC) offers a plethora of interpreter training programs. Their mission is to support equal access to community services for culturally and linguistically diverse residents.

They have a sharp focus on community interpreting which is a great foundation for interpreters just getting started out in the field. They also offer training in simultaneous interpreting, court interpreting, and medical interpreting. Programs range from half-day workshops to six-day training-of-trainers courses.

They also offer great resources through their newsletter and social media accounts.

Be sure to check out their full list of training programs.

Medical Interpreter Training Programs

3. CCHI Resources & Webinars

While this isn’t a specific interpreter training program, the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters does have a very nice section of their website dedicated to resources to support medical interpreters.

This includes:

  •  Free mini glossaries
  •  Exam preparation resources
  •  Healthcare interpreter code of ethics and standards of practice
  •  Medical terminology in multiple languages

If becoming a certified medical interpreter is in your horizon, then this section of their website will prove to be extremely useful in preparing for the certification exam.

4. Massachusetts Medical Interpreter Training

The state of Massachusetts has done an incredible job in recent years of promoting medical interpreter certification. The MassAHEC Network offers advanced training that provides ongoing professional development opportunities for medical interpreters.

Additionally, they offer an annual conference for medical interpreters, Paving the Way to Health Care Access, along with various continuing education programs on a variety of specialized topics within healthcare.

Check out their website if you are a New England local!

Community Interpreter Training

5. The Community Interpreter Training

Speaking of New England locals, we offer a quarterly Community Interpreter training at our headquarters in Connecticut. This is a 40-hour course which meets the minimum requirements for national medical interpreter certification as it includes a section specific to medical interpreting.

Click here for more information on our upcoming training’s!

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Lastly, many community colleges offer classes on interpretation. Government agencies along with language industry associations also often offer different types of training programs so we encourage you to do further research on your local level if you prefer something in person versus online resources.

Do you know of a great local training program in your area? Have an additional online resource? Leave a comment below! Let’s support each other in our quest to provide great interpreter services.


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