2017 Best Of The Blog

2017 best of the blog!

Another year is coming to a close – can you believe it?!

The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect on the past while setting plans for the future. We want to extend our gratitude to all our readers who frequently visit our blog. You motivate our team to continuously produce a variety of thought-provoking, educational, and valuable content.

There are a variety of ways to break down ‘the best of the blog’. We could do a single list based on the most visited post, most shared, most likes on social media, etc. We decided to break down ‘the best’ into several categories: the most popular based on visits, the most popular on each social network (ie most likes/shares/comments), and our most popular infographic.

Without further ado, the winners are….

Top 10 Posts – Based on Visits

#1 What are the benefits of hiring a professional interpreter or translator?

benefits of hiring a professional interpreter or translatorThis post was by far our most popular post month after month this year. We were blown away at how it took off! It’s received thousands of views to date. Be sure to give it a read if you haven’t yet and please share if you find it valuable!

#2 Importance of professional medical interpreters in a healthcare setting

#3 Can I translate my own birth certificate for USCIS?

#4 In-Person interpreting vs telephone or video interpreting (infographic)

#5 5 Types of legal documents that benefit from translation

#6 How language transformed humanity

#7 What are the pros & cons of VRI?

#8 What are the benefits of using video remote interpreting?

#9 Is there a difference between machine and human translation?

#10 4 factors that affect translation turnaround time

Most Popular On Each Social Network

We based this section on the number of impressions & engagements for each post abut a new article on our blog. The following posts proved to be the most popular and engaging on each network. Be sure to join us on your preferred social channel!

Facebook Like us!

Our World Is Suffering: Here’s How To Help

how to help our islands

Twitter Follow us!

Key Elements to Keep In Mind When Working With Interpreter Services

tips for working with interpreter services

LinkedIn Follow us!

How Poor Translations Can Affect Your Business

Cost of bad translation

Pinterest Follow us!

The benefits of interpreter services in education

Benefits of Interpreter Services in Education

Most Popular Infographic

In-Person interpreting vs telephone or video interpreting

In person interpreting vs telephone and video interpreter services

We would love to hear from you! What was your favorite blog post we published this year and why?! What would you like to see from us in 2018?


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