German Translation Services

German Translation Services

Whether you are looking to expand your business internationally or are dealing with a legal matter within the United States, we have highly qualified German translators and interpreters across the globe. We work with a variety of industries such as legal, healthcare, government, corporate, finance, and marketing. Our translators come from many different backgrounds and experiences, and combined with our extensive on-boarding process, we provide high quality translations for a variety of industries to meet each client’s needs.

We offer competitive pricing, industry leading turnaround times, and personal service for each and every client. Close client relationships are how we become successful – by understanding our client’s goals, we are able to produce the best possible translation!

Whether you need a German to English translation or English to German translation, we have you covered. We provide superior German translation services and interpreter services for a variety of situations.


German Interpreting Services

Our professional interpreters will ensure your business meeting or appointment runs smoothly. If you need to communicate with a German community in any manner, we can help. Don’t let language barriers frustrate you, overcome them and communicate with anyone no matter the language. Our German interpreters are native speakers with many years of interpreting experience. They ensure your next meeting goes smoothly!

Interpreting services are available for a wide variety of events:

  • Conferences
  • Business meetings
  • Medical appointments
  • Legal depositions + courtrooms
  • Business presentations
  • Public meetings
  • School systems
  • Media
  • Training’s
German Translation Services


Native Name:


Official language in:

Austria, Belgium, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg & Switzerlands

Est. number of speakers:

75 – 100 Million

Countries spoken in:

13 other countries

Native German Speakers

German is the official language in several countries throughout Europe and dialects have developed over time in various regions such as Luxembourg, northern Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Russia. Outside Europe, German dialects continue to be spoken by large emigrant communities in southern Brazil, South Africa, Australia, and the United States (notably Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Texas). With so many native speakers dispersed throughout the world, it’s no wonder that the need for translation services continues to rise. iTi works with native German speakers with full English proficiency to ensure our clients receive superior language services. No matter the situation, we have German linguists available and ready to support you and your organization!

Documents We Translate Include:

  • Marketing materials
  • Legal contracts/waivers/forms
  • Employee handbooks
  • Email correspondence
  • Website localization
  • Sales sheets
  • Blueprints
  • Proposals

Language Services You Can Trust

We are members of various professional organizations such as:

Our ISO 9001:2015 certified processes and procedures for on-boarding linguists are strict and thorough. Having these quality control measures in place ensures all of our German translation projects are of unparalleled accuracy and quality.

Give us a call for your next interpreting or translation need and you’ll see the iTi difference!