On-Demand Video Remote Interpreting

iTi is your trusted partner in communication and with On-Demand Video Remote Interpreting, you gain access to interpreters in dozens of languages in about 20 seconds or less. Video interpreting on-demand is a popular solution for organizations that have frequent last-minute needs for interpreters. If you are looking for a remote interpreting solution, this is it.

Types of On-Demand Video Interpreting

Consecutive Interpreting:

  • The interpreter and the source-language speaker take turns speaking, giving the interpreter time to properly convey each message.
  • Ideal for small meetings of 2-3 people, such as doctor’s appointments, partner-teacher meetings, and small corporate meetings.

Simultaneous Interpreting:

  • The interpreter interprets simultaneously with the source-language speaker.
  • This option is available for American Sign Language (ASL) only.
  • If you require spoken language simultaneous interpreter services, we can schedule them in-person or remotely through our prescheduled video interpreting service.

How Does On-Demand Video Interpreting Work?

iTi’s On-Demand Video Remote Interpreting platform is simple to use and can be customized to fit your organizations’ needs. You don’t need any special equipment to use iTi’s video interpreting although many clients, particularly hospitals and healthcare systems, choose to dedicate certain laptops solely for video interpreting purposes. There is also specialized equipment available. Please contact us for more information on customized equipment for VRI.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is web-based and fully secure and encrypted. You can access interpreters directly through your internet browser. Another benefit of our video interpreting service is that it can be linked to your over-the-phone (OPI) interpreting account, so you gain access to interpreters in over 250 languages without the need for additional steps or complications.

One platform is easy to use and gives your team the tools they need to serve your clients in the best way possible, regardless of the client’s language.

Privacy and Security

Confidentiality and security for our clients is a top priority. We have many safeguards in place to assure you that all communications are private such as:

  • Fully encrypted signal
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Multi-factor authentication in addition to a strong password
  • Limits login attempts
  • And much more!

Please, fill out the form to connect with an Account Manager to discuss getting set up with iTi’s on-demand video remote interpreting platform. We will work closely with your team to establish a solution to bring your services and clients to the next level.