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How To Use Bilingual Employees To Increase Quality Of Patient Care

Do you have bilingual employees’ who desire to use their bilingual language skills in your organization? Whether a doctor is treating a Spanish-speaking in Spanish or a nurse tackle’s a dual role by interpreting when needed, this guide will give you tips on the best way to approach these unique situations.

Building internal capacity through bilingual staff is a great way to control interpreter costs while simultaneously improving the patient experience. If you’re unsure what type of role your staff should play, we included a decision tree to help you evaluate whether they would be best suited as a dual-role interpreter or approved to provide care in their second language.

This guide will help you:

  • Understand the importance of assessing bilingual staffs proficiency levels
  • Determine the appropriate role for each staff member. Should they simply provide care and communicate in their second language or will they act as interpreters?
  • The responsibility that comes with the dual role of provider and interpreter

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